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Monday, June 28, 2010


( A Bark Of LARCH)

The news media needs a Geologist (USGS) to speak on the complexities of our vibrant, living earth on the effects on weather throughout millions of years as shown in the study of rocks, fossils, glaciers, meteorology, and oceanography. The studies of the Vostok Antarctic Ice Core Data and the Greenland Summit Ice Cores tell the story of Paleoclimatology with long periods of ice ages and short peaks of global warming every 90,000 to 130,000 years for the last one half million years. A Meteorologist cannot summarize the causes with their science of less than a hundred years. A politician or manufacturer of “green” products have vested interests with no scientific knowledge. Of course, USGS employees may squeak the Federal views to keep their jobs.

Over centuries the earth’s orbital parameters change, its axis of rotation varies, it wobbles, sunspots with solar flares effect our weather for 11 year cycles (the last major one was about 2003), electromagnetic ray storms from space, periods of volcanic eruptions produce more tons of carbon, acid producing rain from ash and gases of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and methane than industrial nations in the last 200 years. The major earthquake of over 9 on the Richter Scale near Indonesia about 3 years ago knocked the earth out of its axis 0.1 degree. No one knows what effect that will have on future weather. The earth receives its heat and energy from the sun and all variations of earth’s movements affect various surfaces of the earth for climate, environment, and bio-diversity. Yellowstone National Park is a dormant volcano with an approximate diameter of 45 miles, but showing recent activity of rising in the north, increasing earthquakes, and animal unrest. When that erupts again, how will that one major disaster affect the lives of humans, animals, and plants, and weather in the world?

Environmental and ecological conditions are affected by the continual movement of the 12 tectonic plates which cause continent masses to move into latitudes away from the warm equator resulting in temperature and moisture changes with animal and plant species extinction and creation. That explains why tropical animal and plant fossils are found in Antarctic and Siberia. The plates’ movements also cause the rising and lowering of land and sea levels. For examples, the Hawaiian Islands are moving northwest about 4 inches a year and the Rocky Mountains are rising about 2 inches per year.

The recent news of a giant iceberg drifting towards Australia causes panic visions of flooding coastal cities. The news media should take a glass of ice cubes and fill it with water to show that it doesn’t change the volume of water as the cubes melt. We do that experiment all the time at home and in bars without having any panic of spilling.

The “State of Fear” by Michael Crichton is fiction about a global warming scam, but has a detailed factual bibliography on world weather for the last hundred years. Crichton summarizes that puny man cannot understand nor change the complexities that cause climate changes over millions of years.

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