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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(A Bark of LARCH)
BOOK: Alfred C. Loedding & The Great Flying Saucer Wave Of 1947, by Wendy Connors and Mike Hall. “free internet books”. Wendy Connors investigated Project Sign for 30 years. She used “Freedom of Information Act” to obtain declassified documents from National Achieves, the Air Force, FBI and video interviewed several people including me. They found no medical records, no credit history- the FBI said they had no records on Dad- he didn’t exist. But I have his Social Security card, pilot’s license and birth certificate (mine too with his name). It is thought his records were transferred from the FBI to the new CIA in 1948. When I requested Senator Sam Nunn for help with The National Achieves for information on Project Sign, they sent me documents with black ink on all data.
                After the book was published in December, 1998, all sources of information suddenly dried up- none of the government agencies will now cooperate. Wendy had death threats over the phone to stop her research, her phones bugged, the phone company de-bugged them but 3 days later bugged again, she’s been followed and her house has been under surveillance. When she called me in Colorado for interviews, she would not be specific except to say she would arrive on a certain date at my Colorado ranch. Two days before she arrived, I saw two blue vans down the hill in front of my ranch on the half mile dirt road, which I suspected to be from Peterson Air Force base in Colorado Springs 70 miles away, which meant they had both our phones tapped. Wendy and Mike Hall also wrote, “Captain Edward J. Ruppett Summer of the Saucers- 1952”, 2000. (Project Blue Book). Also, “UFOs: A Century of Sightings”, by Mike Hall.
                Who Was Alfred Loedding:
Graduated from the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics at New York University in 1930 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. Received the Guggenheim Award for original work on slotted wings. Worked with the War Department in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. In 1937 he was Chief of Stress Analysis for Bellanca Aircraft Company (Cruise Master) in Delaware. In 1938 he came to Wright-Patterson AFB. He was the first civilian director of the Jet Propulsion Lab. 1947-1949 Civilian Liaison Officer for the T-2 Intelligence Division of the Air Material Command. In 1947 he instigated Project Sign, the first official Air Force project to investigate UFOs in July, 1947, caused by radar sightings in Japan, June, 1947, and authored the Estimate of the Situation which concluded that there was a high possibility that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. He filed 17 aeronautical patents including flying wing types, and designed the refueling hose wings to stabilize it preventing aircraft crashes. He received $200 bonus. Another patent on an ellipsoid airplane in 1948. He was a friend of rocket pioneer Dr. Robert Goddard and worked with Werner Von Braun (who he said was not a good engineer but a great administrator). Dad invited one of the German rocket scientists, who were rescued in Operation Paper Clip before the Russians, for dinner one night. He spoke English as we could not speak German. When General Hoyt Vandenberg, Secretary of the Air Force and also Director of Central Intelligence, reviewed the Estimate of the Situation in 1949, he ordered all copies destroyed and assigned a new T-2 Chief to get rid of about six people on Project Sign by 1950. In 1951 Alfred Loedding became the Director of Jet Research at Unexcelled Chemical Corporation in Cranbury, New Jersey, which made 500 pound napalm bomb s (I worked there in the summer of 1953 in the carpenter’s group making oak platforms to store them on) shipped in “Hop Along Cassidy” cookie trucks (the government didn’t like the regulations for hazardous material shipments), magnesium flares and fireworks. General Vandenberg died in 1954; Alfred Loedding was back at Wright-Pat in 1955. In 1960 he was Civilian Liaison Officer with the Air Force and NASA at Langley Air Force Base near Williamsburg. He never again mentioned UFOs.
                Government cover-ups to replace Project Sign were Project Grudge, and Project Bluebook to belittle all sightings as atmospheric phenomena.
                SLIDES: Dad’s presentation to groups to show configuration changes from 1898 in parachutes, gliders and planes to delta, flying wing and circular shapes- low aspect ratio.
                Sightings have been seen around the world in Britain, France, Russia, Chile, and Peru. Markings on high plateaus in Peru only seen from the air are strange. Ancient drawings in Egypt and elsewhere depict people with space type helmets. In 1947 and I948 Alfred Loedding interviewed witnesses around the country on sightings, landing scenes, radios in cars and planes not working, car’s motors stopping, magnetic fields. He had reliable civilian and military pilots, and state police. He told me about landing sites where the grass was burned with a strong sulfur smell. One night he and I saw two red lights traveling very fast in the sky making 90 degree turns without side slippage. He said that was amazing, no aircraft can do that. He said the UFOs and their occupants could be insects. In the Trenton Sunday Times October 10, 1954, he talks about his saucer like design which I saw models fly with rocket and gasoline propeller motors. He stated “man has much to learn about UFOs and from them”. “Some of them might be space ships, I suspect that they may be a kind of space animal, a form of life protected by rays which we know nothing of and obtaining fuel from space in way that we do not comprehend”. He never mentioned crashes at Roswell, nor in the files of Bluebook or Sign. Although when his brother Fred visited him at Wright-Pat and asked about entry into a hangar, Dad said it was off limits to him.
                How would news of space invaders affect the public- or the military? UFO belief might destabilize the orderly function of government. John Keel says the “Estimate of the Situation” was a factor in the demise of America’s Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal. He read the document and it blew his mind. Forrestal was placed in a mental hospital after running down the halls of the Pentagon shouting, “We’re being invaded and we can’t stop them!” He was found dead hanging out a window, bed sheets tied around his neck.
                Dad stated in the August 26, 1960, “Air Scoop” at Langley Research Center that studies in the field of gravity and the electro-magnetic field may lead to the UFOs propulsion system which set up electronic fields about a body that will give it a repelling or attracting force relative to a suspended system of forces that exists throughout space. Einstein’s Unified Field Theory deals on those relationships. Many sightings state a pulsating, rotating blue ring around the UFOs like an armature in a generator/alternator creating electrical energy. A basic source of energy is the atom itself with the electrons spinning around the nucleus creating a magnetic field.
                Although UFOs have been sighted for years, the two atom bombs detonated over Japan in August, 1945, and the test bomb in Nevada in that spring, might have caused concerns to the aliens about the earth idiots, and it took them two years travel to investigate resulting in the 1947 wave of sightings. Since then above ground nuclear tests by Russia with one in 1949 and two in 1951, and US with three in 1948 and 16 in 1951 brought a wave of UFOs in 1952 per Project Blue Book.
                Since 1960 airline pilots and military pilots are forbidden to mention UFO sightings. However, folks around the world report them all the time. Even the Emissary of the Vatican two years ago admitted that life is possible on another planet. Astrophysicists now have found over 50 planets similar to earth. We are not alone. Missionaries start your motors. “Beam me up, Scotty, keep the beer on ice”.

Copyright @June, 2011                                                          Donald R. Loedding “LARCH”

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